About Us – Employees

We have the best staff ever  !! We have been in business now for over 20 years straight. Starting in 1982 and worked hard to fill those needs of car enthusiast , we went full time in March of 1997.  It has been a true blessing how this has turned out and here is the reason why.   The body shop and the people in it are second to none. The tear down and assembly is faster and better than ever.  The sheetmetal  with our new spot welders and years of experience pays off on every car , and the upholsters we have now took it to a new level of fit and quality. Yes, over the years things change , but business is better than ever and the customers are happy and that’s makes us smile !  Come by and visit our 19,000 square foot facility.  Make an appointment to meet all the guys and see why what we do has stood the test of time. 

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